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Our students come from diverse and interdisciplinary academic backgrounds

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Our entire organization is run by student entrepreneurs

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Executive Board

Michael Retchin, President

CC '20 Computational Biology

Initiatives: Startup Columbia Festival, Almaworks, Ignite2018, SIP, GTT, Columbia Venture Competition, Enterprises

Entrepreneurship is the fastest way to change the world and scale ideas that help people.

Jillian Ross, Vice President

SEAS '21 Computer Science/Philosophy

Initiatives: Enterprises, [email protected], Intercollegiate Relations

Entrepreneurship is about thriving from and embracing failure in the constant pursuit of improvement, all in the face of immense uncertainty.

Elaine Wang, Treasurer

SEAS '22 Computer Science

Initiatives: [email protected], CORE Giving Week

Entrepreneurship is anti-definition. It's about the constant optimization of existing processes with careful defiance, about technological iterations always geared towards the untapped possibilities.

Cory Simler, Secretary

GS '22 Computer Science/Ethics

Initiatives: Columbia Venture Competition, Start-up Columbia, Almaworks

It's refreshing to be around passionate students and entrepreneurs who don't see the world as static but rather as a sandbox to experiment with new ideas and models. CORE's diverse set of people and programs embodies this dynamic understanding.

Justin Saintil​

SEAS '22

Dario Gentiletti​

GS '20 Economics-Statistics

Initiatives: Almaworks. Global Tech Treks, Designathon, Enterprises, DevFest

Entrepreneurship is the only way of living I can embrace. From thinking to innovating - entrepreneurship means an attitude towards life which has the potential to reveal for what cause you are in this world.

Max Johnson

CC '21 Philosophy

Initiatives: Designathon, Enterprises, High School Entrepreneurship, Design Initiatives

I see entrepreneurship as effective, creative agency: being able to hone your ideas, take steps to manifest them in the world, and grow them to projects that positively impact those around you.

Irene Koo

CC '20 Economics/Computer Science

Initiatives: GTT, Faculty Dinners, High School Initiatives, [email protected], Alumni Initiatives

I'm fascinated by entrepreneurship because I view it as a mindset, rather than an end product. Entrepreneurship centers around connecting the dots across multiple disciplines and perspectives.

Angela Liu

CC '21 Financial Economics

Initiatives: Alumni initiatives, [email protected]

I am passionate about entrepreneurship because of the opportunities it offers passionate, dedicated, inspiring individuals from any kind of background to create change in the industries and communities they care about.

Rachel Luo

BC '21 Development of Social Identities

Initiatives: Global Tech Treks

Entrepreneurship is all about courage. There's nothing more terrifying in the world than venturing into the unknown, and I believe entrepreneurship is all about doing that with nothing but a good idea and the desire to make it succeed.

Anna Makowski​

BC '21 Political Science/Human Rights

Initiatives: Global Tech Treks, [email protected], Alumni Outreach, Fashion Initiatives

As a creative, entrepreneurship allows me to act on my curiosity and use divergent thinking to pursue innovation.

Sophia Stener

CC '22 Sustainable Development

Initiatives: Almaworks, [email protected]

Senior Advisors

Tara Anand

BC '20 Computer Science/Middle Eastern & Asian Cultures

Initiatives: Startup Columbia, [email protected], EVE, JADE

Entrepreneurship is about thinking outside the box while focusing in on people's needs, and honing our passions, determination, creativity and critical-thinking to create solutions.

Alan Yao​

CC '20 Computer Science

Initiatives: EVE, Startup Columbia

Entrepreneurship is fundamentally about solving problems. I like solving problems.

Stanley Yu​

SEAS '21 Computer Science

Operating Committee Leaders

Lillian Wang​

SEAS '20 Biomedical Engineering

Initiatives: Global Tech Treks

Entrepreneurship is creating, risk-taking, and building innovation and technology to improve society and our environment, especially biotech entrepreneurship.

Aurola Qin​

CC '21 Economics/Mathematics

Initiatives: Global Tech Treks

Nico Molina​

CC'21 Math/Computer Science

Initiatives: Global Tech Treks, Almaworks

I am passionate about entrepreneurship because it involves creating things yourself rather than working on something that someone else has created. Ultimately being entrepreneurial means growing your own ideas and finding ways to help others, and this sort of freedom has always appealed to me.

Alaz Sengul​

SEAS '21 Computer Science

Initiatives: Global Tech Treks, On Campus Events

Students need to always be thinking about how to use the knowledge they gain from the classroom in order to help benefit society, even if it's not related to technology. To me, this defines the entrepreneurial spirit, and has served as a passion of mine throughout my studies.

Natalia Dorogi​

SEAS '21 Operations Research

Initiatives: Startup Columbia Festival, Venture Capital Initiatives I am passionate about creating value and change through entrepreneurship.

Havi Nguyen

SEAS '22 Computer Science & Entrepreneurship

Initiatives: Almaworks, High School Initiative

Shannon Sun​

CC'21 English

Initiatives: Global Tech Treks, Storytelling, Impulse

As an aspiring journalist, I am especially interested in combining my passion for entrepreneurship, disruptive storytelling, and social activism to build innovative, cross-cultural communities.

Sebastian Sanchez​

SEAS'22 Operations Research

Initiatives: Startup Columbia, High School Initiative, Alumni Outreach

Entrepreneurship is the venue from which I am able to learn about the unique world perspectives that are beyond my studies here on campus.

Emily Wang​

SEAS '20 Industrial Engineering

Initiatives: Global Tech Treks, Websphere

I'm passionate about entrepreneurship because it's a valuable aspect of so many industries and encourages innovations and risk taking regardless of your background or experience.

Jordan Ramos

CC'21 Computer Science

Ki Cooley-Winters​

CC'22 Computer Science and Math

Initiatives: Almaworks, Alumni Relations, Websphere

Mike Karasev

SEAS'20 Computer Science

Initiatives: Global Tech Treks, Almaworks

I am passionate about entrepreneurship because it is at the CORE of the innovation process. As an engineer, I am really excited about how it helps society ideate and creates value out of nothing to make our lives better.

Tyrese Thomas​

CC'21 Sociology

Initiatives: Global Tech Treks, CoreX, On Campus Events

The amalgamation of creativity, ingenuity, intellect and tenacity that drives entrepreneurial world is unmatched. Within entrepreneurship one is able to craft something with their own vision to innovate.

Erinn Lee​

BC'20 Computer Science

Initiatives: Global Tech Treks, Ignite, [email protected]

I think there's a difference between an entrepreneur and liking entrepreneurship - I joined CORE identifying with the latter, but wanting to become part of the former.

Jeff Huang​

CC'21 Computer Science/Math

Initiatives: High School Initiatives

In my opinion, entrepreneurship is the most effective tool to help a community at large.

Giana Lozano​

GS'20 English

Initiatives: Global Tech Treks

Entrepreneurship allows me to intersect industries that makes people say: "I never would've thought that went together."

Victoria Wang​

SEAS '19

Initiatives: Global Tech Treks

I love the innovative spirit behind entrepreneurship and how there is so much diversity when it comes to it all. Anyone can be an entrepreneur and there are so many people out there who are willing to support and help you make any idea a reality.

Gustave Ducrest​

CC'22 Applied Math

Initiatives: Almaworks

James Wang

SEAS '22 Computer Science

Initiatives: Global Tech Treks

Havi Nguyen

SEAS '22 Computer Science & Entrepreneurship

Initiatives: Almaworks, High School Initiative